Simple Indian & Pakistani College Girls Hairstyles 2013

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Simple Indian & Pakistani College Girls Hairstyles 2013 10

Hairstyles complete a girl’s outfit. They crop your face in the perfect way, especially when going to school or college you want to keep your hair looking perfect. So the perfect hairstyles for college are loose waves or braided hair or even straightened hair. One very cute hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face as well as gives it a cute and chic look is a French braid only on your bangs and then curling the rest.

You can also straighten your hair and just put a cute hair band on as well. The majority of college going girls like to keep their hair away from their face so simple French braid is also the way to go. You can also try a fishtail braid which hardly takes longer than 5 minutes.  Another nice hairstyle is a perfect bun which seems very hard but is actually very easy. All you need is a bun-maker and a lot of bobby pins.

All you do is put your hair up in a pony then put the bun maker around your pony and then tilt your head downwards allowing the hair to cover the bun-maker and then tucking all the hair under the bun-maker and then securing the hair with bobby pins. Here you seen the beautiful Simple Indian & Pakistani College Girls Hairstyles 2013.

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