Pakistani College Girls Eat in Restaurant

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Pakistani College Girls Eat in Restaurant

Being in a college means not only higher education but also a lot of responsibility. However, with responsibility comes freedom and liberty. College girls all over the country have the freedom to go wherever they please in their free time with their friends and colleagues. College girls usually go out to restaurants to grab a bite to eat in between classes. Most of the time, college girls go in groups as small as two or as large as twenty to restaurants located near the college campus. The girls usually split the bill and pay for their own food instead of one person paying for all of the girls.

The different types of food that college girls like to order at restaurants include sandwiches, French fries, burgers, pasta, lasagna, pizza, traditional Pakistani and Indian food, and much more. Sometimes, college girls only go out to have a small snack instead of a meal. At these times, the college girls usually order samosas, chips, cookies, French fries, ice-cream, milk shakes, and many other types of snacks. Nowadays, as the trends have been evolving, girls usually prefer fast food restaurant chains instead of local restaurants. These fast food places include McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Domino’s, and Hardee’s.


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