New 2013 Trends of College Girls Jeans Styles

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Women Jeans Trends-All New Fashion Trends

College girls are very stylish and fashionable. These college girls keep up to date with the latest trends of the fashion industry and are always found in the most hip and stylish outfits available. All college girls wear jeans on multiple days of the week. This is because a pair of jeans is not only comfortable but is also very affordable. Jeans are great for all college girls because they fit every girl’s body perfectly.

There are jeans available for girls of all sizes whether they are tall or short or fat or thin. There are different types of cuts in jeans. One type which is very trendy amongst college girls is the skinny jeans. These jeans are fitted from the thighs, calves, and ankles. The skinny jeans are a bit longer than the length of the legs so that they can be scrunched up around the ankles. Another type of jeans is the boot cut jeans.

These jeans are fitted from the thighs but they tend flare outwards from the calves down. In the year 2013 skinny jeans and wonder jeans are in style and preferred by college girls.

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