Modern Styles of Pakistani College Girls Hairstyles

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Modern Styles of Pakistani College Girls Hairstyles 6

One of the amazing features of Pakistani girls is their thick and long hair. Pakistani girls traditionally wear their hair in a standard three strand braid but as the world has evolved so has the standard braid. In Pakistan girls like to wear their hair down. So different ways to wear your hair down are in loose beach curls which can be made with or without heat. You can either curl it or rope braid it. Another way of wearing your hair nicely is that you can straighten it and leave it out or you can put it in a hair band or you can also put it up in a half up do.

You can also put your hair in braids such as the four-strand braid, five-strand braid, and also the fishtail braid. Other hairstyles include up dos which can also be done to wear at school and in parties. You can also wear your hair in the perfect bun which may seem easy but is actually very hard to master.

You can either make it neat and sleek or you can make it messy without using a bun maker but rolling it and then bobby pinning it into place.

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