Maham From Jamshed Town Karachi

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Jamshed Town Karachi

I am going to introduce about the town of Karachi Pakistan. Here I will talk about Jamshed town because the girl that I want to talk about here is belongs to this town. Jamshed town is local place of the Karachi. Mostly people are not well aware of this town. Now I am going to talk about the boys and girls of this town. As I mentioned earlier that this is a local place and mostly girls and boys have no attitude like other girls and boys have in the city of Pakistan. Jamshed town is the most reputable town of the Karachi.

Her name is Maham and she belongs to Jamshed town. Nowadays she is living along with her family in this town. Maham is a student of IMBB. She is doing this degree from University of Karachi. Maham is only 21 years old and she needs a sincere friend although she got many friends but all are not real they all are fake so that’s why she is fed up with these typo friends and wants a real friend in her life. She is really in a need of friendship that can change her life as well can change her thinking. Maham is mentally disturbed nowadays due to their fake friends. She is living along with her family in the Jamshed town.

Maham is an eye-catching girl mean to say she has a god gifted beauty. If anyone wants to make friendship with her only serious people can contact with her because as I mentioned earlier Maham is fed up with this fake friendship of boys. Only serious and sincere boys can contact her to make friendship and long term relationship. So do comment your mobile number in the given box below so that Maham can recruits you in order to make friendship.

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