Latest Fashion Trends of Beautiful College Girls

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Latest Fashion Trends of Beautiful College Girls

When girls go to college they want to look their best and follow the latest trends. The more a girl tries to look presentable the more she is respected. Some great fashion trends for this year are jeggings. Jeggings are leggings that look like jeans. They are comfortable and give off a very good shape of your legs. They look very good paired with checkered shirts and boots. Another fashion idea are penny loafers, they are comfortable yet stylish and look amazing.

They are the perfect shoes to wear when going to college for those with big campuses. Big tote bags are also in fashion. They are very reliable and sturdy to hold all of your books and they can be easily handled. They are the epitome of fashion nowadays and everyone has one. In winter, the it is all about keeping warm so coats are very in and not only black coats but all colors. They can be short or long or even medium length coming up to mid-thigh.

Fur coats are also very in as well as the ones with patterns. Plaid is one of the must have prints of the season so anything plaid such as coats, scarf’s, and shirts are a necessity.

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