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Hot Indian College Girls Lifestyle Pictures 3

Although western fashion has inspired a great deal of the youth in India, we cannot always rely on what is acceptable there to be acceptable here. Being impressed by their fashion is understandable but what should be extremely stressed is that applying that fashion in its truest sense is not recommended. There are some traditions and cultural ideas that must be looked at before following any fashion.

It is therefore, allowed to alter the fashion to our taste and then use it. College girls in India do wear tights but they couple that with a longer shirt or sweater.These girls wear shirts made out of net but they remember to wear a solid colored T-shirt underneath. Being impressed with the Western culture and adding a spice of our own can really change things around for everyone. Also, wearing scarves around necks of different colors and patterns is also worn by many College going girls. Wearing skinny jeans and ballerinas is also done by all Indian college going girls coupled with small kurtis that add just the right amount of culture to the outfit.

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